The 2019 Field Season is in Full Swing!

The 2019 spring season is finally here, and with spruce and fir trees producing new shoots, the research program is […]

The spruce budworm attacks fir and spruce trees in different regions of Quebec. The province will expand the territory where it […]

Spruce budworm is a native insect that is considered by many as the most serious pest affecting the forests of […]

E-Lecture Series – Early Intervention Strategy for Spruce Budworm: Does it Work? Can we do it More Efficiently? Speaker: Dr.Sara Edwards – […]

Why This Partnership?

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E-Lecture Series – Ecological Impacts of Using Early Intervention To Control Spruce Budworm Speakers: Dr. Michael Stastny – Research Scientist – Canadian […]

E-Lecture Series – Communications and Outreach – Important Pillars for a Successful Program Speakers: Chris Norfolk – Director, Forest Planning […]

E-LECTURE SERIES: An Early Intervention Strategy for Spruce Budworm in Atlantic Canada