When will I receive my kit?

Kits are being assembled in May for distribution in June. Once all locations in each province are set, we will send out bulk shipments.

Where can I collect my kit?

Some will receive kits at their door, others will be asked to pick kits up from their local program contact. Everyone will receive an email or phone call notifying them which method will be used.

When do I start tracking?

Trackers will be asked to have traps hung by the end of June.

How long do I track?

We ask that everyone continue tracking until mid-August. If you are still collecting moths at that point, keep it up until you have three consecutive 0 counts.

My trap is not colleting anything. Is it broken?

Nope! Some regions will see very few moths. This is not a bad thing and it is still data! Every trap should have a few 0 counts to start to make sure we are reporting from the start of the season.

It’s raining. Do I really need to collect today?

Yes, please! The data is most valuable and useful when it is collected consistently, regardless of weather patterns.

Where should I hang my trap?

Traps should be hung in an area with balsam fir and/or spruce trees. These should be areas that you can consider “woods” (i.e. not the single tree in your front yard). If your property is wooded, then ideally traps would go a few metres into the woods. Traps should be hung on a limb to rest at approximately eye level.

If I miss a collection, is my data ruined?

Nope! We expect life to get in the way sometimes. Do your best to keep on schedule. If you miss a day, report it on your data sheet and when/if you enter the data online.

I don’t have a smart phone. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. We provide three methods to track your data: app, website, and pen and paper. Any method is great.

How do I report my numbers?

We just want estimates! No need to count each moth. If it is quick to count (1-10), great. Otherwise, estimates (for example, 10-20, 40-50, +100) work great. When we collect your samples, we will count them out in the lab! However, if you’d like to count your moths, you’re more than welcome!

How do I store my moths?

We will give you bags and labels. Just add your trap ID and date and place them in a freezer until the end of the season.

What do I do with my trap at the end of the collecting period?

If you plan to partake in the program next year, just clean it and store it somewhere dry—we will send the refill supplies out next season. If you will not be participating next year, let us know and we will make arrangements to collect them from you!

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Emily Owens

Project Manager

T: 506-292-5861