New Spruce Budworm Testing Lab at UMaine critical to mitigating impact of destructive insect – U Maine

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A new testing lab at the University of Maine will help state landowners monitor their trees for the presence of […]

The spruce budworm is an insect that is native to North America, and it’s actually a small caterpillar feeding on […]

To spray or not to spray? English only To read more…

Our webinar “Update of Spruce Budworm Early Intervention Strategy” is now available on Youtube. To view the webinar, follow this […]

Efforts to reduce the population of an insect that is harmful to trees have proven to be successful on the […]

On behalf of the Healthy Forest Partnership, I would like to invite you to our webinar “Spruce Budworm Early Intervention: […]

Over the last two years, millions of moths took to the skies above the cold waters of Atlantic Canada, flying […]

A federal research scientist sais he thinks an effort to control the spruce budworm in New Brunswick is successful so […]

If you’ve recently noticed a reddish tinge to evergreen trees, you’re not alone, as northeastern Ontario is experiencing a surge […]

Although the treatment of ‘hotspots’ in New Brunswick and Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland are complete, the work to prevent […]