Author: Nairn Hay

Our webinar “Update of Spruce Budworm Early Intervention Strategy” is now available on Youtube. To view the webinar, follow this […]

A new testing lab at the University of Maine will help state landowners monitor their trees for the presence of […]

Did you know that with strict COVID-19 health guidelines in effect in spring 2020, two Natural Resources of Canada employees […]

The spruce budworm is an insect that eats the needles of fir and spruce, weakening the trees an putting them […]

The spruce budworm is an insect that is native to North America, and it’s actually a small caterpillar feeding on […]

On this podcast episode, we’re going to look at a real-life bug battle that rivals Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the […]

Over the past eight years, EIS researchers have been working to better understand the spruce budworm, their outbreaks, and how […]

Another year of experimental treatments in New Brunswick for the Early Intervention Strategy (EIS) have come to pass. The 2021 […]

Swift action and the strategic use of a biological insecticide have spared New Brunswick forests the worst of a feared outbreak, […]

A spraying program is quadrupling to battle rising spruce budworm numbers in western Newfoundland, but Parks Canada has decided to […]