Our team identifies areas where new volunteers are needed.


The team reaches out to veteran volunteers to confirm their participation for another year and sends a call out for potential new volunteers to join the BTP in areas that the program needs more volunteers.

Early June

The team assembles all BTP kits and mails them to each volunteer’s doorstep.

Mid-June to Mid-August

Volunteers hang up their traps and check them for budworm at least once, but preferably several times per week. Peak budworm moth flight typically occurs in mid-July.

Late August

Volunteers can take their traps down and prepare all trap catches to be sent.

September - October

Volunteers should put all their trap catches in the pre-paid envelope and send it back to the regional lab that’s already pre-addressed on their pre-paid envelope.

November - March

The team at each regional lab count and identify all trap catches then compile and analyze all the data.

February to March