The 2017 Healthy Forest Partnership (HFP) Annual Workshop, held in beautiful Miramichi, New Brunswick, was a great day filled with exciting research updates, new information, and great questions from the audience! Attended by over 200 people for the first time some folks connected virtually thanks to the use of WebEx technology.  Members of the HFP gave updates on a wide range of topics, including the current range of the spruce budworm outbreak, recent successes and challenges in slowing the spread of budworm through Atlantic Canada (aka the Early Intervention Strategy), the potential impact of the mass moth dispersal event of 2016, as well as the  tremendous efforts of our Budworm Tracker citizen scientists!  The location and date of next year’s workshop will be determined in early 2018. Thanks to all that attended and if you even have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Emily Owens and Rob Johns