Early intervention research is key for possible spruce budworm outbreak

The Nova Scotia forest industry is hoping Tuesday’s federal budget will contain funding for a program that is attempting to […]

Moth scales, preserved in the mud of a coniferous forest lake, have been used to identify outbreaks of these insects […]

Workshop Annoucement “Spruce Budworm Early Intervention Strategy: A Promising Strategy for Atlantic Canada’s Forests”. The workshop is free.  Details are […]

Linking Spruce Budworm Impacts to the Greenhouse Gas Cycle in Forests Almost all grade-school children learn that trees absorb carbon-dioxide […]

The spring and summer are busy months for the Forest Pest Management Team of ERD. From the day that seasonal […]

Another year of experimental treatments for the Early Intervention Strategy (EIS) have come to pass. The 2017 treatments began on […]

It’s another busy season for the Forest Pest Management group (FPMG) at the Department of Energy and Resource Development (ERD). […]

The 2017 Healthy Forest Partnership (HFP) Annual Workshop, held in beautiful Miramichi, New Brunswick, was a great day filled with […]

Mass dispersal

by cnesbit@m5.ca

For many people, the mention of an “insect plague” brings to mind unnerving thoughts of massive locust swarms sweeping like […]

Last week while working in our 2016 treatment blocks we took this picture of a balsam fir branch that helps […]