Moth flight

Moth flight


From mid-July into August, you may see swarms of Spruce Budworm moths flying near your house. This is a common […]

The 2018 field season has begun, and with spruce and fir trees producing new shoots, the research program is in […]

Workshop Annoucement “The Science to Prevent Outbreaks: Spruce Budworm Early Intervention”. The workshop is free. Details are as follows: Date: […]

The federal government’s investment of $74.75 million over the next five years will allow the Healthy Forest Partnership to continue […]

The battle against Spruce budworm invading the province from Quebec got a boost in the latest federal budget. Read more

The government is investing almost $75 million dollars to help combat the spread of the spruce budworm. David MacLean with […]

After a first quick look at the federal budget, Finance Minister Cathy Rogers says she’s happy with what she sees […]

Those in Nova Scotia’s forestry sector will likely rest a little easier knowing scientists will be able to continue working […]

The Trudeau government shifted environmental gears Tuesday, putting a greater emphasis on conservation efforts, but shying away from major new […]