The Economic Reality of Spruce Budworm – August 6, 2015

The spruce budworm is a native insect that periodically kills large numbers of balsam fir and spruce trees across eastern […]

There is considerable research ongoing outside of Atlantic Canada to better understand the spread of spruce budworm outbreaks. Here is […]

Part of our early intervention program involves testing spruce budworm pheromones. In early July, the final application of pheromone flakes […]

Working between the poorer weather conditions, we were able to complete our experimental treatment applications as of the morning of […]

Weather has not been cooperating with us and we are still waiting for the first application of Btk in the […]

There was some great news this week for the spruce budworm research group at the Atlantic Forestry Centre in Fredericton. Natural Resources […]

As many people have already heard, the NB Department of Natural Resources working with the forestry companies have detected a potential spruce budworm […]

If you have been following the news on spruce budworm lately, you likely know it is on the rise again. […]

Spruce budworm has arrived in New Brunswick. In recent years the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources in coordination with […]

Spruce budworm has more or less completed its feeding for this year in Atlantic Canada and has shifted into the […]