Working between the poorer weather conditions, we were able to complete our experimental treatment applications as of the morning of June 21st, 2015. To reiterate the treatment plan for this year, in the Hornes Gulch region there was one application of Mimic applied over June 14th and 15th to suppress an apparent ‘hot spot’ of spruce budworm that was detected in the area this past fall. A second ‘hot spot’ was also identified just south of Campbellton and treated with two applications of Btk between June 14th and June 21st. Our team is currently assessing branches from trees in both areas to determine the effectiveness of these treatments for suppressing local populations of spruce budworm. In terms of aerial applications, the pheromone mating disruption trials are all that remains for this season and will be carried out in Quebec, east of Causapscal.

Spruce budworm are currently in the latter stages of larval development and will soon be pupating into the adult stage. Citizen Scientists in the northern part of the province should expect to find moths in their traps any day now.