Federal dollars to be spent on a spruce budworm sampling laboratory – June 9, 2015

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There was some great news this week for the spruce budworm research group at the Atlantic Forestry Centre in Fredericton. Natural Resources […]

As many people have already heard, the NB Department of Natural Resources working with the forestry companies have detected a potential spruce budworm […]

If you have been following the news on spruce budworm lately, you likely know it is on the rise again. […]

Spruce budworm has arrived in New Brunswick. In recent years the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources in coordination with […]

Spruce budworm has more or less completed its feeding for this year in Atlantic Canada and has shifted into the […]

Predators and parasitoids (a.k.a., natural enemies) are thought to be the primary agents keeping spruce budworm populations low during the […]

As trees become old or ‘overmature’, many become more susceptible to insects and diseases. One of the major hypotheses generated […]

April and May of 2014 have been busy months as we prepare for the upcoming spruce budworm studies in northern […]

First Introductory Post

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Spruce budworm is once again on the rise in eastern Canada. Spruce and fir forests in Quebec have already been […]