Spruce budworm population remains contained

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By Rob Johns, forest insect ecologist, Canadian Forest Service, NRCAN The latest spruce budworm outbreak emerged in Quebec in 2006 […]

Workshop Announcement “Spruce Budworm Early Intervention Strategy: The Next Phase”. The workshop is free.  Details are as follows: Morning Workshop— […]

Canadian Institute of Forestry National Electronic Lecture Series The Canadian Forest Service Providing Real Solutions “Early Intervention Strategy for Spruce […]

Moth flight

by cnesbit@m5.ca

From mid-July into August, you may see swarms of Spruce Budworm moths flying near your house. This is a common […]

The 2018 field season has begun, and with spruce and fir trees producing new shoots, the research program is in […]

Workshop Annoucement “The Science to Prevent Outbreaks: Spruce Budworm Early Intervention”. The workshop is free. Details are as follows: Date: […]

Workshop Annoucement “Spruce Budworm Early Intervention Strategy: A Promising Strategy for Atlantic Canada’s Forests”. The workshop is free.  Details are […]

Linking Spruce Budworm Impacts to the Greenhouse Gas Cycle in Forests Almost all grade-school children learn that trees absorb carbon-dioxide […]

The spring and summer are busy months for the Forest Pest Management Team of ERD. From the day that seasonal […]